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Calendar Date Select

I have made available a fully functioning Demo of Calendar Date Select, the Javascript based visual date selector plugin for rails:

Calendar Date Select Rails Plugin

Source and homepage:

  1. Your calendar demo has an internal server error. :(

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Subclassing Google Maps (v2)

I have been using my own subclassed version of the Google Maps GMap2 class for some time now. Here is how I do it:

function extend(subclass, superclass) {
function Dummy() {}
Dummy.prototype = superclass.prototype;
subclass.prototype = new Dummy();
subclass.prototype.constructor = subclass;
subclass.superclass = superclass;
subclass.superproto = superclass.prototype;

function MyMapClass(DomElement) {, DomElement);
this.mycustomattribute = [];



extend(MyMapClass, GMap2);

MMC = new MyMapClass(document.getElementById("map"));

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