Which makes sense, because I believe, although I’m not an iPhone app developer, that the way push notification works is something like this:

(Facebook) App Server  —-*push update*—->  Apple Push Notification Server  —-*push update*—->  iPhone (connecting from China)

If you didn’t already know, Facebook and Twitter were blocked in China for the final time last year during the Ürümqi Riots. Since then, there has been no access to those domains. For expats interested in useful things like Facebook and Twitter, there are ways to ‘jump over’ the great firewall.

Side-note: This is an unaltered 100% scale screenshot from the iPhone 4 which demonstrates the incredible 960×640 resolution. I was amazed to find the full length shot could not fit on my laptop’s screen. The image above only shows a small top section of the screen but if the icons look big on your computer you get a feel for just how many pixels there are on that little device’s screen.

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