It should be possible, it should be easy. You have two or three devices with two or more calendars and want to keep everything in sync, have an online calendar view, and be able to share calendars with family and colleagues while having them automatically update whenever a change is made. Now at least it is possible, if not easy.

In this guide we will look at how to use Google calendar and its CALdav support to link all your Apple devices and with full, instant syncing between them all whenever you make a change. No waiting to sync in iTunes or putting up with read online calendar subscriptions!

1. Create a new account at

2. If you have iCal on your Mac you can easily sync this new google account, by simply going to Preferences -> Add Account -> Google Account -> Put in your details. All your calendars in your account will appear as ‘delegates’ which is kind of the CALdav equivalent of sub calendars. It looks a but strange in the iCal interface but it works. You can even copy events from your existing computer calendars en mass into your new synced calendar. They will instantly sync and you can view them on

3. iPhone and iPad syncing primary calendar (the first one).

* Remove all existing google calendars from your iDevice, including unchecking any ‘sync calendar’ checks in your Google Account. Also make sure NO calendars are set to sync with your iDevice using iTunes. Go to iTunes and uncheck all calendar syncing to removed synced calendars. This is to avoid confusion later.

* On your iDevice go to Settings -> Mail, Calendars -> Add Account -> Other -> Add CALdav Account

* Fill in the following information:


Username: <>

Password: <your password>

Description: <your calendar name>

* Click ‘Next’. Now you have added your primary calendar.

4. iPhone and iPad syncing second, third, fourth etc calendars. If you already have just one calendar set up and you are happy with syncing only one of your calendars, you don’t need this guide. If you would like to sync multiple calendars on your account, not just one, read on…



* Go into your google calendar account -> Calendar Settings -> Calendars. Click on a Calendar and then locate the Calendar’s ID in the settings. Compose a new to yourself email with the calendar addresses like made up in a list this:

Projects Calendar

Travel Calendar

* Send the email to yourself with each of your calendars (2nd onwards) listed with their names as above.

* On your iDevice open the email you just sent to yourself, select the full address for the first calendar in the list, and ‘Copy’ it.

* On your iDevice go to Settings -> Mail, Calendars -> Add Account -> Other -> Add CALdav Account

* Fill in the following information:


Username: <>


Description: <your calendar name>

* Click ‘Next’. It try to connect then fail. This is good, because now we see new ‘Advanced Settings’ option appear below. Click ‘Advanced Settings’.

* Select the whole calendar address and ‘Paste’ the address you copied from the email you sent yourself.

* Return to the calendar settings and enter your correct password. Click ‘save’.

* Repeat for all the calendars in your Google account.

You can follow the above steps for both iPad and iPhone, the settings are the same (Oct 2010).

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