We set off from Beijing in early April, travelling south and visiting destinations by train and bus. We will pop over to Taiwan by ferry from Xiamen. Further south, we brave the bustling metropolises of Guangdong and HongKong, before turning west into Yunan. Our hope at this stage is to pass through Burma into Tibet. From Lhasa we climb the plains and take the high pass past Everett base camp into Nepal, before descending down into Kathmandu.

Passing through Delhi, we head by land to Leh, catching one of the first buses through the freshly snow cleared pass from Srinagar. There we will spend some time, learning a little about Buhddism and reflecting on a life simpler than our own. Finally, we fly out towards Pune to reconnect with old friends, before finishing the trip in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Our trip will take us around three months. Well, that’s the plan anyway :)

  1. After more research I was able to find the correct path:


    Credit to http://www.bluekaizen.org/securitykaizen_mag/issue5/Security_Kaizen_5.pdf

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