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After many years I have finally decided to release a free version of iTuneSleep. It has been a long time since the last update, and as such I feel it only fair to offer iTuneSleep for free. As a result, support will be limited to what can be found here on the site. Thank you to all those who have shown their support by purchasing iTuneSleep, it has been a pleasure serving the Mac software community.

Now freeware. Download [DMG 1.4MB]

  • Syncs with iTunes (finds tracks, radio stations and playlists in your library)
  • Can shut down or sleep your mac after fading out your music
  • Can start up or wake up your mac before gently fading up your music (for an alarm)
  • Can fade down to any iTunes track, number of tracks, no. of minutes, playlist smoothly
  • Alarms will fade up to a chosen iTunes track, random track, playlist, or iTunes radio station
  • Can set the alarm to go off once or on any of days of the week, or using your iCal events
  • Once set can perform the fade and/or alarm without the Application or Remote being open
  • Full Control of iTuneSleep with your mobile phone from the comfort of your bed with the included Remote Control!
  • Many more features, including applescriptability – check it out!

New in version 2.1.5 (9-8-10):

  • FREE for all Users
  • FIX iTuneSleep Registration Bug

New in version 2.1 (2-1-07):

  • FREE upgrade for all users with any iTuneSleep 2 license
  • FREE 30 day trial for everyone else, including previous users
  • can fade to an iTunes Radio Stream
  • can set alarm to wake you up to an iTunes Radio Stream
  • can use remote control to set alarm to use iCal
  • can use remote control to set alarm for any days of the week
  • ‘stop alarm’ when it is going off without cancelling future events
  • preference to raise iTunes volume when alarm is ‘stopped’

System Requirements: Intel or PPC Mac, Mac OS 10.4.x (10.4.8 recommended) & iTunes. The Remote also requires Salling Clicker and a Bluetooth enabled Mac and Phone/PDA. Visit Salling Software for details.




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