9-8-10 2.1.5 download

  • NEW FEATURE Completely free for all
  • FIX iTuneSleep App Registration Bug

4-5-07 2.1.4

  • IMPROVEMENT Vastly improved idle CPU usage
  • FIX iTuneSleep App Registration Bug

27-1-07 2.1.3

  • NEW FEATURE Support for Remote Buddy
  • FIX Alarm Delay preference defaults correctly to ’0′

25-1-07 2.1.2

  • NEW FEATURE beta French Language Support
  • NEW FEATURE UI for adding delay to Alarm
  • FIX Airport Express Wake up Issues

7-1-07 2.1.1

  • NEW FEATURE German Language Support
  • FIX German language pack bug
  • FIX multiple playlist bug

2-1-07 2.1

  • FREE upgrade for all users with any iTuneSleep 2 license
  • FREE 30 day trial for everyone else, including previous users
  • NEW FEATURE can fade to an iTunes Radio Stream
  • NEW FEATURE can set alarm to wake you up to an iTunes Radio Stream
  • NEW FEATURE can use remote control to set alarm to use iCal
  • NEW FEATURE can use remote control to set alarm for any days of the week
  • NEW FEATURE can set alarm for a set amount of time using remote
  • NEW FEATURE ‘stop alarm’ when it is going off without cancelling future events
  • NEW FEATURE preference to raise iTunes volume when alarm is ‘stopped’
  • NEW FEATURE preference to automatically pause iTunes when alarm is ‘stopped’
  • IMPROVEMENT ui improvements
  • IMPROVEMENT list of playlists are broken down into iTunes folders (if present)
  • IMPROVEMENT better layout in remote control
  • IMPROVEMENT faster fade intiate response
  • FIX multiple bugfixes, including issues with iTunes 7 and ui issues

24-6-06 2.0.3
-NEW FEATURE can set alarm to simply press ‘play’ in iTunes
-NEW FEATURE delay before alarm to prevent airport express issues (see help)
-IMPROVEMENT clearer current settings text in app
-IMPROVEMENT no longer has to switch itunes view to current playlist
-FIX Fixed AM/PM bug
-FIX Actually does remember UI position now
-FIX Fixed party shuffle bug

9-6-06 2.0.2
-NEW FEATURE remembers if UI was expanded or not
-NEW FEATURE remembers window position
-NEW FEATURE asks if you wish to pause itunes after fade or alarm cancel
-IMPROVEMENT much faster pref window load
-IMPROVEMENT registration dialogs spawned by itunesleep application
-IMPROVEMENT changed keyboard shortcuts to include shift
-IMPROVEMENT faster preference save
-FIX Fixed 12:00:00 PM to 01:00:00 PM bug

26-4-06 2.0.1
-IMPROVEMENT faster load time
-IMPROVEMENT trial now lasts 30 days
-IMPROVEMENT reminder message less frequent
-IMPROVEMENT much faster button response in app
-IMPROVEMENT remote now uses same time notation as app
-FIX Fixed wont wake up to party shuffle bug
-FIX Fixed test volume button for optical line out
-FIX Fixed intel mac installation error
-FIX Fixed fixed alarm trk error
-FIX Fixed next x track status bug in app

17-4-06 2.0
-NEW FEATURE compact, easier to use UI
-NEW FEATURE iCal integration
-NEW FEATURE applescriptable functions
-NEW FEATURE quick alarm/fade options in the application
-NEW FEATURE can change itunes volume before fade starts
-IMPROVEMENT simpler fade ratio system
-FIX Fixed bug with fading to a single track
-FIX Fixed alarm display bug

27-2-06 2.0b12
-IMPROVEMENT can now fade to as little as 1%
-IMPROVEMENT lower idle CPU useage
-FIX fixed end of the month GUI error

27-1-06 2.0b11
-NEW FEATURE status of fade is updated in controller
-NEW FEATURE universal build (intel and ppc)
-IMPROVEMENT faster button response
-IMPROVEMENT changed mini window behaviour
-IMPROVEMENT various UI changes and improvements
-FIX fixed alarm system volume bug arising from migration from 2.0b8
-FIX fixed alarm ‘PM’ setting not working for 12 hour clock regions
-FIX fixed bug were shuffled playlist fade would not work

23-1-06 2.0b10
-NEW FEATURE test alarm volume
-NEW FEATURE set alarm system volume
-NEW FEATURE remote can sleep computer immediately
-IMPROVEMENT redesigned daemon idle handling
-IMPROVEMENT significantly faster in most tasks in the app
-IMPROVEMENT reduced CPU usage further
-FIX fixed date bug
-FIX countries with 12 hour clock can now use am/pm
-FIX fixed "can’t get item 2 of no alarm" bug

20-12-05 2.0b9
-NEW FEATURE can set alarm for multiple days
-NEW FEATURE can set alarms and fades independantly
-NEW FEATURE ability to snooze or change alarm time using app
-NEW FEATURE keyboard shortcuts for alarm and fade actions
-NEW FEATURE version checking
-NEW FEATURE can set playlist shuffle on wake or fade
-NEW FEATURE can view time and date of next alarm
-NEW FEATURE live updating of status from daemon and controller
-NEW FEATURE can now set speed (duration) of alarm fade up
-IMPROVEMENT now can set maximum iTunes volume instead of mac volume
-IMPROVEMENT now fades up with smooth sine wave for alarm too
-IMPROVEMENT uses fixed markers for sliders
-IMPROVEMENT significantly faster in most tasks in the app
-IMPROVEMENT live and accurate status updates
-IMPROVEMENT reduced CPU usage
-IMPROVEMENT improved use of defaults
-IMPROVEMENT better alarm reliability
-IMPROVEMENT sets gui status before window loads
-IMPROVEMENT gui takes up less space
-FIX fixed inability to open files after alarm (app prefs)
-FIX fixed inablilty to use playlists with odd characters in their path
-FIX fixed ‘last day of the month’ bug
-FIX focus of iTuneSleep app is not lost upon setting
-FIX fixed unresponsive GUI bug
-FIX muting mac (system) volume doesnt cause balance settings to disappear
-FIX numerous other bug fixes and improvements

27-11-05 2.0b81
-fixed inability to open files with odd characters in their path (app prefs)
-updated expiry date of controller (controller)
-changed terminology in controller menus from ‘song’ to ‘track’ for coherence (controller)
-fixed rare prefs parsing error arising from displaysleep (app prefs)
-fixed gui opening bug (app)
-fixed login items bug (installer)
-fade setting includes sleep/shutdown mac again (controller)
-fixed playlist fade error (app, controller)

20-11-05 2.0b8
-brand new GUI for Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) so no longer requires Salling Clicker
-can set new global preferences accesible via the iTuneSleep Application
-can shut down the mac or sleep it, computer will start up/wake automatically
-can now calculate to wake up after a number of hours (application only)
-improved iTunes scripting for random track selection
-installer doesn’t ask for Keychain confirmation if you are installing a new version
-new website help

23-10-05 2.0b7
-independance of iTuneSleep functions from the controller
-controller interface with iTunes controls built in (prev, next, sys vol up, sys vol down, pause, play)
-more comprehensive fade and wake options
-the ability to change the alarm time on the computer (press ’0′)
-the ability to snooze the alarm using your phone (press ’0′)
-the ability to change the alarm time using your phone (press ’0′)
-current iTuneSleep settings avaliable at request (press ’8′)
-controller interface shows live iTuneSleep status
-better and more reliable iTunes scripting
-can now dim all monitors attached to computer after 1 minute upon fade
-doesnt erase current preferences when installation takes place
-no confusing confirmation window
-’use last alarm’ includes the last ‘sleep mac’ choice
-cancel iTuneSleep now avaliable at any time (press ‘#’)
-added iTunes error handling

18-9-05 2.0b61
-Fixed installer bug
-Fixed Daemon permissions bug

-Reduced installer size

15-9-05 2.0b6

-no longer uses GUI scripting for anything. Gone.
-now ONLY compatible with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)
-can wake you up to your favourite playlist now too
-many extra built in settings
-doesnt care about crossfade playback settings any more
-timed fades now work over midnight
-many other minor changes and improvements

15-4-05 2.0b5
-numerous GUI scripting fixes
-now compatible with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)
-can now use previous settings for Fade or Alarm rather than both
-can fade to an ‘x’ number of tracks in order
-can fade to an ‘x’ number of random tracks
-can fade to ‘x’ minutes of music
-many extra built in settings
-more effective fade settings
-no longer has com.windowserver.plist reliance
-only uses salling clicker for gui clicking now
-better itunes visuals handling
-doesn’t remove menu from phone at all now
-employs the use of Xtool to move and click cursor
-combined the alarm and daemon into one app
-fades a whole selection (playlist or x tracks etc) gradually!

20-3-05 2.0b4
-improved energy saver gui scripting
-improved iTunes crossfade scripting
-uses much improved menu system
-option to cancel the alarm or fade in progress
-icons for the alarm and daemon apps
-can keep the mac awake and fade
-can keep the mac awake and set the alarm
-displays all chosen settings on phone and mac before setting
-option to use previous settings to save time
-can fade without setting the alarm
-can set the alarm without fading
-fixed NS error messages
-extra preferences in the prefs file
-will tell itunes to play if you select relavent options
-auto checks that ui scripting is enabled
-no need to make sure ‘Every Day’ is set in System prefs
-opens and activates itunes on launch to avoid errors
-tells you how much sleep you should get before setting alarm!
-you can now use the iTunes Controller during operation
-can manage iTunes Full Screen visuals should they be enabled

15-2-05 2.0b3
-should solve problems with time formats set in energy saver
-more efficient gui scripting
-intelligent fading (uses sine wave!)
-can now change track before fade starts or during fade and fade will reset
-bug with time setting resolved (hopefully!)

14-1-05 2.0b2
-now uses seperate daemon app to set up the fade
-improved on screen clicking
-streamlined alarm code
-uses preferences file now

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