Day: January 5, 2022

Recruitment Agency in France For Romanian Workers

Working in France can be a great experience for Romanian immigrants, but many employers find it difficult to hire them due to cultural differences. A recruitment agency in France can provide a great help with the process. The language barrier is not the biggest problem, and many of these agencies speak Romanian as their native language. This makes them very attractive for foreign companies and employees. In addition to speaking English, these agencies are also able to provide candidates with a good onboarding experience.  How to Know About les boites d intérime

Find a Plumber in France Through a Romanian Recruitment Agency

One of the main advantages of hiring Romanian workers is the fact that the country has a highly skilled labor force. The number of applicants is increasing every year. Despite the low number of Romanian nationals in France, this country’s economy is growing rapidly. The number of foreign workers employed in Romania has increased by about one million since 2007. There are a wide range of sectors, including the manufacturing and construction industries. In addition to attracting foreign talent, these workers are also working for French firms.

The main benefits of working in Romania include low turnover costs and a highly skilled workforce. You can easily hire Romanian employees for any position in any industry. For example, IT professionals are in short supply in the country. If you’re hiring Romanians for an IT position, you can look for a candidate from the Romanian IT market. The Software Development Academy, a programming school in Central and Eastern Europe, calculates the cost of one IT specialist in Romania.