Antique Conservation

Antique Conservation is an interesting field that involves working to save the world’s antiques. This conservation process varies according to what type of antique it is and how it was saved. If a piece of jewelry or a piece of pottery is found to be broken or lost, then it is first brought back up to the standards of the day before being repaired or saved for future use. In this case, the material is cleaned up, restored, and analyzed for flaws or repairable errors. In this way, an antique conservation project will help to keep an item from heading towards destruction and also allows a person to return to a previous stage of production. However, before these projects can even begin, a piece of this nature has to be properly labeled and cataloged as to where it came from, who made it, and any history or technical information that might be able to be gleaned from it.

Who works in the antique conservation

antique conservation

Individuals who work in the antique conservation area can have a variety of different job names. Some, such as furniture restorerers, wood restorers, and furniture restoration professionals, work simply with new pieces of wood or other antiques, while others preserve and restore historic works of art, historical artifacts, or legal papers as well as antique conservation on a full-time basis. A number of full-time antique conservation professionals work in museums, private collections, and government buildings around the country. Others work as a consultant for other contractors and companies and focus on certain aspects of this type of preservation, working with specific industries or museums.

The career options for antique conservation are nearly endless, as are the number of businesses that offer this type of work. Some examples include private companies and firms, government agencies, schools, universities, college and university departments, professional associations, curators and dealers, collectors, and the like. The work that these professionals do may be directly related to any or all of these categories, depending on the specific organization. Whatever the case, it is clear that the field is very diverse, involving a wide range of people with various skill sets.

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