Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeon

atlanta orthopedic surgeon

If you are considering total joint replacement or other orthopaedic procedures, you need to consider atlanta orthopedic surgeon. There are many options for total joint replacement, including hip and knee replacement. The institute also has a Workers’ Compensation program to assist patients in resuming normal activities. Physicians at the Atlanta sports medicine orthopedic surgeon specializing in a wide variety of procedures, including spine and hip replacement. A number of specialized doctors perform various orthopedic procedures.

How to Choose an Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeon

Atlanta orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Robert Hyman has been in practice in Atlanta for over 30 years and is board certified. He has extensive experience treating all musculoskeletal injuries, and is the only certified physician in the area with specialized training in sports medicine and trauma. He has treated numerous high school athletes and has performed surgery on several collegiate athletes. He also has fellowship training in spine and hand surgery, and is a specialist in resolving complex problems in patients.

If you’re considering orthopedic surgery in Atlanta, consider Dr. Eric Furie, a member of the Piedmont Fayette Medical Staff. He is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and specializes in shoulder and knee conditions. He is an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on the treatment of young adults with hip and knee injuries. He has published numerous book chapters, and has given many presentations on sports medicine. In addition to orthopedic surgery, he is a board certified sports medicine specialist.

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