How Fleet GPS Systems Can Improve a Trucking Company’s Bottom Line

Fleet GPS is a revolutionary device that shows exactly where your vehicles are at any time. In most cases, it is impossible to predict where your vehicle will be based on its physical location and GPS tracking systems solve this problem. This new technology has been installed in thousands of cars, trucks and other vehicles all over the country. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about fleet GPS because it makes it easier for drivers to get distracted and it also allows them to cut corners when it comes to driving safely.

Why Fleet GPS Systems Can Improve a Trucking Company’s Bottom Line

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Fleet GPS Systems were initially installed only in 300 school buses in St. Paul; however, in less than a year, drivers have become quite accustomed to using the new technology. At first, many drivers weren’t too enthusiastic about the installation of these GPS vehicle trackers. However, until recently, the vast majority of drivers felt that the installation of fleet gps systems in their vehicles did little more than add another expense to an already over-loaded budget. However, once they realized just how valuable they can be, the majority of drivers have stopped complaining.

In fact, fleet gps systems are so valuable to the daily operations of a trucking company that they are being incorporated into all kinds of trucking operations now, rather than the standard monitor installed in each vehicle. In addition to monitoring fuel consumption, speed, route, engine condition, braking distance, braking time and other vital performance data, they can also monitor the location of drivers during rush hour, the weather and other factors that affect the overall efficiency of the trucking operation. These days, fleet managers spend much of their time trying to anticipate problems before they arise rather than fixing problems once they arise. Having a fleet management system in place that can monitor all aspects of the company’s operations gives fleet managers immediate access to real-time information about every truck, van and trailer, and allows them to make informed decisions that will improve the company’s bottom line.

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