How to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner Under $200

If you are looking for portable air conditioner then you may want to know how much cooling power it has, the size in cubic feet and also if it has a window. Now it depends on what type of A/C unit you need to cool – most units have the ability to cool down and regulate the temperature of a room or area up to 40 degrees outside. If your area needs to be cooled more then by all means purchase an A/C unit that has a lot more power. For example a portable air conditioner with a triple 100 wattage cooling unit would be able to cool a larger area than one that has just a fifty wattage unit.

Find A Quick Way To How To Buy A Portable Air Conditioner Under $200

A portable air conditioner is best purchased if you know what you need it for and are not looking to buy something that is cheap. Portable air conditioners that are made for rooms that do not need a whole lot of cooling are usually much cheaper than ones that are meant to cool down an entire building. This is because they are not used constantly throughout the year and only have to be bought when needed. When they are not in use they can sit in a closet or storeroom and will not be in use all summer. They will however still get a cooling effect as they were cooling down the space.

With many different types of air conditioners that are on sale you can now choose from A/Cs that have high speed settings, medium speed settings and low speed settings. The higher speed settings are more suitable if you live in a very hot and humid area because you will need a lot of conditioning power. If you live in a dry more arid area then you will probably be better off with the medium speed settings so that the unit will not use as much energy but still cools the room adequately. You should be able to find all three settings on an A/C that you are interested in although you may be restricted by your local building codes.

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